Project Execution & Maintenance

Our team of experts, with an experience of working in remotest areas help us monitor & evaluate real time data for constant adaptations in the process. We also provide with annual maintenance contract and train the primary stakeholders for the basic maintenance & troubleshooting.

Execution and Maintenance

We steadily work towards creating shared values by building durable partnerships and networking with a set of non-governmental organizations, vendors who are distinguished experts in their domain. This ensures that we deliver the best equitable, economically viable and sustainable products and services complying with current market standards. After the installation and commissioning stage of our project, we provide a detailed annual maintenance contract and comprehensive maintenance contract best suited to the needs of our clients. This guarantees smooth functioning of our products and services through our quick hands-on response mechanism for troubleshooting.

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  • Product installation & commissioning – Through this process, we ensure that our client’s projects, products and services are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained according to the operational requirements of our clients. We apply this process to not only new projects but also to existing ones to expand, renovate or revamp the ongoing projects.
  • Awareness Camp – We organize various awareness camps aimed to increase the knowledge base of our community on issues interlinked with our client’s projects.
  • Post Implementation services ( AMC/CMC, regular reporting status) – We execute annual maintenance contracts and comprehensive maintenance contracts for our client’s operative machinery, equipment and physical appliances. We carry out regular check ups and routine work to keep the performance and quality of our client’s products in condition.