Need Assessment
Base Line Survey
Technical Need Assessment
Project Planning
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Consulting & Planning

We believe in a bottom-top approach, this provides us with a unique lens as well as high impact. Our solutions and products are holistic in nature as we assess the need and also adhere to the SDG goals

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Consulting & Planning

We at PSR provide advisory and consulting services to corporate firms including end-to-end support to map the sectors for our clients to develop initiatives in as well as project based designing and operational support. In the project initiation phase, we perform need assessment to identify the gaps between needs and wants of our stakeholders in a thorough and time-bound manner. We conduct As-Is and To-Be gap analysis to determine project objectives. We prioritise identified needs in view of their importance to our client’s goals, realities, and constraints. We then integrate prioritised needs to develop unique action plans. A descriptive quantitative cross-sectional baseline survey forms the next part of our project process. We map the current status of target communities and benchmark the impact of the undertaken project. We carry out technical assessment by using various measures and metrics to analyse technical progress against intended goals, objectives and requirements.

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